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LOKITHOR JA302 Jump Starter with Air Compressor 2500Amp

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Introducing the LOKITHOR JA302 best portable jump starter for suv, the ultimate portable jump starter that combines four essential functions in one compact device. With its 4-in-1 multi-function design, the JA302 portable lithium car battery jump starter is a powerful jump starter, tire pump, power bank, and LED flashlight, providing you with everything you need to handle various emergency situations on the go. Whether you're stranded on the side of the road, camping in the wilderness, or experiencing a power outage, the LOKITHOR JA302 jump starter battery box is the perfect tool to have in your vehicle.


The LOKITHOR JA302 good jump starter for cars is the ultimate multi-function device that is designed to be compatible with a wide range of vehicles, from cars and motorcycles to boats, RVs, ATVs, SUVs, vans, tractors, and mowers. This high level of compatibility makes it a versatile tool that can be relied upon in emergency situations by vehicle owners and professionals alike.

Experience fast and efficient tire inflation with the LOKITHOR tire inflator. With a maximum pressure of 150 PSI and an impressive airflow rate of 35L/Min, this inflator can inflate a 195/65/R15 car tire from 0 to 35 PSI in just 5 minutes. This powerful and reliable performance ensures that you can quickly and easily inflate your tires to the desired pressure level, keeping you safe and on the road with minimal downtime.

The J302 top rated battery jump starter with air compressor is built with multiple protective features to ensure safe and reliable operation. These features include safeguards against common issues such as short-circuit, over-current, reverse connection, over-heat, over-charging, and clip falling-off. With these advanced protective features, you can confidently use your device without worrying about any potential safety hazards. The LOKITHOR device is designed to operate at its best while keeping you and your equipment safe.

With an incredibly low standby power consumption of just 0.21mAh, this J302 vehicle jump starter and tire inflator is designed for maximum energy efficiency. This ultra-low power consumption allows for an exceptional standby time of up to 1080 days, ensuring that your device is always ready for use whenever you need it. Whether you're using it for emergency situations or extended periods of time, you can trust that the LOKITHOR device will be ready to perform at its best.

This J302 battery jump starter and tire inflator comes equipped with a powerful 300-lumen LED flashlight that is designed to illuminate your surroundings with ease. With three different lighting modes to choose from, including constant lighting, flash mode, and SOS mode, you can be well-prepared for any lighting situation. Whether you're camping in the great outdoors, exploring a dark space, or facing an emergency situation, the LOKITHOR device's versatile LED flashlight will provide reliable and efficient illumination to help you navigate your surroundings with confidence.

  • The LOKITHOR JA302 car battery jumper pack is a 4-in-1 multi-function jump starter that serves as a jump starter, tire pump, power bank, and LED flashlight. Suitable for gasoline engines under 8.5L and diesel engines under 6.5L.
  • JA302 USB car battery jumper features a 2500Amp super start current, capable of restarting a dead battery in 1-3 seconds, with up to 50 starting times for regular use. 5-minute inflation time for a 195/65/R15 car tire from 0 to 35 PSI.
  • JA302 car battery jumper kit is equipped with the latest premium-quality cell chip with a large capacity of 23800mAh, providing the starter with over 1000 cycle life. 0.21mAh low standby power for an ultra-long standby time of up to 1080 days. Maximum pressure of 150 PSI and airflow of 35L/Min.
  • JA302 lithium jump starter box supports fast charging/USB 3.0 and can adapt to smartphones, tablets, and other USB devices. Input: 5V/3A and 9V/2A, Output: 5V/3A and 9V/2A. Integrated 300-lumen LED flashlight with three lighting modes: constant, flash, and SOS.
  • J302 2500 peak amp jump starter features the unique Turbocharged Movement, which provides more power, stability, and less noise. The jump starter with air compressor supports tire-pressure detection, preset values stopping, and unit switching between BAR/PSI. The portable tire air compressor is professionally calibrated to always display the tire's pressure with 1.0% accuracy on the digital display.
  • The J302 best portable jump starter can detect its voltage in real-time and trigger an alarm for abnormal conditions. The jump starter with air inflator is also equipped with the latest BMS power management system, including short-circuit protection, over-current protection, reverse connection protection, over-heat protection, over-charging protection, and clip falling-off protection.

Model: JA302
Peak Amps: 2500 Amp
Engine Rating: 8.5L Gasoline/6.5L Diesel
Air Compressor: 150PSI-35L/Min
Fast Charging: QC3.0 18W(Max)
Full of Time: 4.25 Hours
LED Flashlight: 300 Lumens
Battery Cell Composition: ‎Lithium Polymer
Voltage: ‎12 Volts
Item Dimensions LxWxH: ‎9.99 x 5.57 x 4.07 inches
Vehicle Service Type: ‎Passenger Car
Battery Capacity: ‎17100mAh
Weight: ‎‎5.1 pounds
Bulb Type: ‎LED(Flashlight/Strobe Light/SOS Light)
Warranty: 1 Year

In The Box:
1*JA302 Jump Starter
1*Inflatable Hose
1*Jump Starter Clamp Set
3*Nozzle Adapters
1*USB-C Cable