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About Us

Euro Sport Accessories, Inc. is a manufacturer and supplier of high performance products for Volkswagen and Audi. We design, prototype, develop, and test-fit new products in our California location.

We manufacture products to fit most models of Volkswagen and some models of Audi. With an in-house DynoJet dynamometer, we continually test, and then track test all of our products to insure the best quality and performance with every product we sell.

Here at Euro Sport we pride ourselves with great customer service and quality products that perform as expected, with no false claims.  We do our best to keep the customer satisfied when ordering products from us.

When you talk about Volkswagen and Audi enthusiasts, what you're really talking about is passion; the kind that fuels people to deviate from the norm. That same passion drives Euro Sport Accessories, Inc to make your water-cooled Volkswagen a better performer thus offering you the experience and knowledge that enthusiasts deserve.

Raffi Kazanjian started Euro Sport Accessories, Inc as an enthusiast and a racer. His goal then, and now, is to bring enthusiasts high performance products that exude form and function. This ethic drives our company not to merely sell products, but to design, research, develop, and produce parts that will enhance your vehicles performance to give you and your car that added, "edge".

For a brief history, we did not simply pop up like so many dot coms, but we were one of the first tuners to actually offer our products online. Since 1988, Euro Sport Accessories, Inc has become one of the premier water-cooled Volkswagen tuning firms in North America. Our company's enduring longevity evolves from an absolute passion for performance that spurs us to continually forge ahead. As vehicles continue to evolve and revolutionize our lives behind the wheel, you can count on Euro Sport Accessories, Inc to continually offer you new and exciting products for your Volkswagen and Audi.

We are located in Anaheim, California, offer on-site dyno testing and installation for most products we sell.  Please call to make any dyno or installation appointment.