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Lamin-X Universal Roof Rack Guard Paint Protection

Lamin-X Universal Roof Rack Guard Paint Protection

  • $21.95

This protects your paint from roof or trunk mounted racks that scratch and scuff. A great, cost effective investment for those who would like to keep their paint looking nice. Kit comes with (4) 4" x 8" sheets of our 8 mil invisible film.

Includes 4 sheets of film, instructions, squeegee, sprayer, handling tabs.


TO INSTALL: First, remove the roof rack or trunk rack completely from vehicle. Then, thoroughly clean area where film will be installed. Slowly peel backing off film. Make sure to prevent the film from touching any foreign surfaces or from folding onto itself. Spray a very light mist of water onto the surface film is to be applied to (1 or 2 sprays only), also spray the outside of film (non adhesive side), & your fingers. Align and apply film to one side of the designated area. Make sure that film is directly between contact points of rack and vehicle. Using the plastic application card, sweep across the surface of the film (try to remove all moisture during installation), remaining film can be tucked into crevices. Film can be stretched into place if need be. Using a razorblade, you may trim off excess film.

SETTLING: Small air bubbles, cloudiness, & surface texture/scratches will disappear over time as film settles and is warmed. Allow a few days to a couple of weeks for this process. Performing the suggestion maintenance care may help assist process.

MAINTENANCE CARE: The film can be washed with soap and water just as you use on your car's finish. Light scrubbing is ok as well as a mild solvent if needed. It is important to wax the film every quarter with a good carnauba wax to maintain the film's U.V. protection.