KYB Adjustable Shock Kit - VW Mk4 All (Except R32) – Euro Sport Accessories
KYB Adjustable Shock Kit - VW Mk4 All (Except R32)

KYB Adjustable Shock Kit - VW Mk4 All (Except R32)

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KYB AGX manually-adjustable shocks and struts allow you to design your own ride control performance without special tools, quickly and as often as you want. That makes the KYB AGX a perfect choice for sports enthusiasts and vehicles with multiple purposes like occasional towing. Sports enthusiasts can raise individual corner damping rates up to 125% more than the vehicle's OEM design. Occasional load users appreciate the adjustable damping rates to match their driving needs without raising the vehicle and without special tools. For ease of access, depending on vehicle application, the KYB AGX either has an eight position knob or a four position screwdriver slot. However, both offer the same overall capability. One simple, manual adjustment increases both rebound and compression damping. Whether on the street or on a race track, AGX's velocity sensitive damping valves instantly react to driving conditions to maintain tire contact and vehicle control. The AGX is a great solution for more demanding conditions that OE replacement parts just can't handle. Sold as a pair of shocks.

  • Increased adjustable damping range up to 125% more than OE
  • Both competition performance and street use
  • External dial allows hand adjustment or some struts include an easy access screwdriver slot at top
  • Precision multi stage hydraulic valves for a broad performance range
  • A Teflon coated or phenolic piston band that reduces friction and provides a positive cylinder seal