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SPC Nylon Rear Camber Shim - VW Mk4 Golf/Jetta

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With these shims you can correct both rear camber and rear toe on your VW or Audi. By combining the shims (two may be used on each wheel) you can get up to +/- 1.0 camber change and up to +.50 degree toe change. Our wrench (87530) is a must when installing these shims. It allows you to remove the brake tone ring, bearing, seal and hub assembly as one unit.

Part No. - Change
71530 - +.50 degree 
71531 - +1.00 degree 
71532 - -.50 degree 
71533 - -1.00 degree

Recommended Tools: 87530 - VW Shim Wrench

Rear Adjustment range: Camber +/- .50 degree to +/- 1.00 degree

Installation time: .5 hr/side

Required: 1 shim per wheel/ per angle changed

When installing these shims it is recommended that you use our VW Shim Wrench (87530) to assist in removing the rear hub.

Check brake & rotor clearance for binding. 75970 spacers maybe required.

Q. Why do I need the #87530 special wrench to install these shims?

A. The shims can be installed without the use of a special wrench but there is more labor time involved. The hub and bearing can be removed by a large nut under the hub cover. The problem with this is the double row ball bearing sometimes will separate and the ball bearings will fall out. Also the tone ring for the ABS may come off the back of the hub. For these reasons it makes sense to have the special offset wrench available. 

Q. Why do the instructions recommend the use of the #75970 spacer set?

A. After the shims are installed and the caliper is dropped down over the rotor there may be a space between the caliper mount and the axle mounting bracket. The #75970 contain 2 each of 4 different sizes of shims so the installer can select the proper thickness to fill the gap between the caliper and axle mount. Always make sure the rotor turns freely after tightening the caliper mounting bolts. 

Q. Can these shims be stacked?

A. Yes, we recommend a maximum of two. More than that may cause brake issues or the bolts may not be long enough to retain the hub.

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