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ITG Maxogen Performance Air Filter JC60/86C

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Neck OD Diameter Length
89 mm 180 mm 216 mm
3 1/2 in 7 3/32 in 8 1/2 in


ITG's Maxogen filters utilize three layer Reticulated polyester Trifoam system. The three layers of foam selected for the Maxogen combined with the arresting stickyness of the Dust Retention Oil, give a high level of filtration to protect the engine from all the damaging particles in the ambient air stream.


Unlike some of the competition, ITG filters have a massive dust load-up tolerance, which is the ability to absorb a large amount of dust without reducing air flow capacity. The design, skill and technology employed to bring this filter to production are superior to all other filter makes, and yet the price is still competitive. The wealth of design skill available at ITG has created the lightest, most capable filters in all fields of motorsport from Formula 1 to the World Rally Championship. 


  • Designed to increase horsepower and rate of acceleration
  • Can be easily cleaned, re-oiled and used again
  • Exceptional filtration High air flow with three layers of foam.
  • Filter should be cleaned and re-oiled approximately every 15,000 miles (depending on driving conditions and environment may require more frequent cleaning)