ITG Maxogen 15JC60/73C Air Filter

SKU: 15JC60/73C

by: ITG

  • $89.50

ITG Maxogen 15JC60/73C Air Filter

Replacement filter for:
Euro Sport Cool-Flo Air Intake 15070
Euro Sport Cool-Flo Air Intake 15072
Euro Sport Cool-Flo Air Intake 15082
Euro Sport Cool-Flo Air Intake 15083

Euro Sport Cool-Flo Air Intake 15084
Euro Sport Cool-Flo Air Intake 15085
Euro Sport Cool-Flo Air Intake 15091
Euro Sport Cool-Flo Air Intake 15091.6

Neck OD Diameter Length
76 mm 149 mm 190 mm
3 in 5 7/8 in 7 15/32 in


ITG Maxogen filters feature the Trifoam System, a high-quality 3 layer reticulated polyester foam element construction. This unique filter design is very effective with respect to the optimal removable of dirt particles as small as 10 microns in size. Excellent air flow characteristics are achieved with integrated radiused spun aluminium necks. Amazingly lightweight at an average of only 5-8oz depending on filter size. ITG Maxogen filters are perfect for remote mounting or connection to any air intake system.

Maximum Air Flow – the ability to allow air to pass through without causing a large drop in pressure.

Cleaning Efficiency – the ability of the filter to remove dust and contaminants from the airflow.

Dust Load-up Tolerance – the capability to absorb a large amount of dust before cleaning or replacement is required.

With the Trifoam System, which uses various thicknesses of finer or coarser foams, these factors can be varied for different applications.

Compared to other filter media, ITG foam filters offer many additional advantages, including a significant reduction in weight while providing more power for longer. What’s more, because ITG uses the very latest adhesive technology to bond the foam layers, ITG filter assemblies are resistant to water, fumes, oils and fuels.

  • Designed to increase horsepower and rate of acceleration

  • Can be easily cleaned, re-oiled and used again

  • Exceptional filtration High air flow with three layers of foam.

  • Lasts up to 60,000 miles before cleaning is required depending on driving conditions
    (debris should be cleaned away every 20,000)