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Kent Power Pulley Cam Gear - VW Mk1/Mk2/Mk3 8v

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by: Kent Cams

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    Kents extremely lightweight aluminum alloy adjustable cam gear is lighter than stock and is about half the weight of the competition's versions. These gears are essential for dialing in your car's cam timing. Aside from their light weight, other features include chamfered edges and graduated timing scale. By utilizing these Power Pulleys, instead of stock units, you'd be gaining seven degrees of advance or retard adjustment and minimizing weight/load on bearing number one. Also, in reducing the weight of the cam gear (rotating mass) you will gain power. The Kent CA-32 Power Pulley for Volkswagen is finished with blue anodizing finish.

    VW Mk1 Rabbit 8v
    VW Mk1 Jetta I 8v
    VW Mk1 Scirocco I 8v
    VW Mk1 Scirocco II 8v
    VW Fox
    VW Mk2 Corrado G60 8v
    VW Mk2 Golf 8v
    VW Mk2 Jetta 8v
    VW Mk3 Golf 8v
    VW Mk3 Jetta 8v

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