SPC Front Camber Adjusting Bolts - VW Mk1/Mk2/Mk3 – Euro Sport Accessories

SPC Front Camber Adjusting Bolts - VW Mk1/Mk2/Mk3

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EZ Cam XRs are designed for non-slotted struts. They allow both positive and negative camber changes up to approximately 1.75 degree (depending on vehicle) by replacing the upper O.E. strut/spindle bolt. This easy to use adjuster provides built-in adjustment over the life of a vehicle just by rotating the head of the bolt. Each kit contains two cam bolt assemblies, enough for both sides of the vehicle.

Part No. 81250 - Pair 
For replacement of 12mm bolts
Front Adjustment range: Camber -1.75 degree to +1.75 degree
Installation time: .4 hr/side
Required: 1 kit per axle

VW Mk1 Rabbit/Jetta/Scirocco 1975-1988
VW Mk1 Rabbit Convertible/Cabriolet 1980-1993
VW Mk2 Corrado 1990-1994
VW Mk2 Passat 1990-1997
VW Mk2 Golf/Jetta 1985-1992
VW Mk3 Golf/Jetta 1993-1998

Q. What is the purpose of the washer and where does it go?

A. The tabbed washer is a very important part of the EZCam design. It is placed on the head of the bolt. The inner bent over tab needs to go in the hole of the strut housing. The outer tab or handle is positioned out towards the wheel for positive camber change or in towards the engine for negative camber change. The sharp teeth on the washer keep it from moving when the head of the bolt is turned for camber adjustment.

Q. What is the quickest way to install the EZCam?

A. Removing the tire and wheel and using a camber reference gauge such as the # 81139 is the fastest and easiest way to install the EZCam. It is much easier to adjust also but can be fine-tuned after installation if need be. See the installation video on www.spc-tv.com.

Q. Why is there an extra washer with two dimples on it in the 81280 EZCam kit.

A. That washer is added to that kit only for older General Motors vehicles that have an elongated hole on the strut. This washer fills the elongated hole so the EZCam can work properly.

Q. The hole in the strut is elongated. Can I still use the EZCam?

A. Unfortunately no, the EZCam is designed to work in strut holes that are NOT elongated. An elongate strut hole will not let the cam lobe and washer work as designed. The 81280 kit is the only one that can be used on an elongated hole, a washer is added to fill the gap.

Q. The cam lobe will not fit in the hole of the knuckle. What can be done?

A. Make sure you have the correct kit for your application. A quick check is to measure the cam lobe on the EZCam, it should be the same size as the bolt that was removed. An open end wrench will work fine for this. If the cam bolt will still not go in make sure there is no pressure pushing up on the strut with the lower bolt loosened. Jack up the vehicle by the frame when installing the EZCams.