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Corbeau Seat Brackets/Adapters/Sliders - Volkswagen

  • $139.00

Corbeau brackets are the most affordable in the industry and are the only brackets that include sliders. When installing an aftermarket seat, the bracket is just as important as the seat. Without the correct bracket, you will more than likely run into several issues during the installation process and beyond. Corbeau brackets are designed specifically for Corbeau seats and will not work with any other seat brand.

  • Double Locking Sliders: Corbeau brackets include double-locking sliders unless otherwise specified.

  • Part Numbers that end in "NS": “NS” means no sliders. These are brackets that will adapt to your factory sliders. You will need your factory brackets and sliders for these to work.
  • Bench Brackets: Some brackets will only show a driver side option and will usually start with either a "B" or an "F" part number. When the bracket starts with an "F", it’s for the front seats and is a single bracket that will mount both your driver and passenger seats. When the part number starts with "B", it’s a rear seat bracket to mount a Corbeau bench seat. There are also a few brackets that start with "C" that will mount your Corbeau rear bench seat.
  • Universal Brackets: Corbeau does have universal brackets available for vehicles with flat floor pans. We have three different universal brackets that can be found under, “Universal Brackets” in the bracket list below. We have a flat bracket, a bracket that is about 2 inches tall, and a bracket that is adjustable from 4-7 inches tall.
  • Baja Adapters: Some of Corbeau suspension seats come with four vertical tabs on the bottom, which are designed to allow the seat to be bolt directly to a roll cage. These seats are the Baja SS, Baja Ultra, Baja Ultra Wide, and Baja XP. A Baja Adapter (A22002F) is required if you plan to mount these seats to a Corbeau bracket or flat mounting surface. If you want to order Baja Adapters by themselves (without seats or brackets), please call Corbeau direct at 801-255-3737. 

Photos are generic and actual product will vary depending on the application.