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Corbeau 2-Inch 3-Point Retractable Harness Belts

  • $169.00

Corbeau 3-Point, 2" Retractable Harness Belts are unique in two ways. The most exciting part of this belt is the retractable feature. Anyone who has driven with harness belts knows that once you are strapped in, there is little to no movement. In other words, it's not like your factory belt where it retracts as you move around in your car. With the 3-Point, Double Release, Retractable Harness Belts, an inertia reel is included on the end of the third strap that will allow the harness belt to function like your factory belts. In other words, the inertia reel allows you to move around but will lock under sudden movement or jolt. The second thing that makes this belt unique is the double release feature, which allows you to disconnect the rear strap with the simple push of a button. A typical 3-Point Harness Belt has the two straps that go over the shoulders and through the harness slots. Those two straps then come together to form a single strap that mounts in the rear area of the vehicle. Depending on where you mount this rear strap, it can sometimes make it difficult for passengers to get in and out of the back seat. With this belt you can disconnect the rear strap with a push of a button and then reengage the strap once your passengers are settled. As with all Corbeau harness belts, the lap belts bolt to your factory bolt hole locations. The plus to this is these factory bolt holes have been tested by the manufacture and are the safest way to install your harness belts. For added comfort, each harness belt is made with a pressure reducing waist pad. The 3-Point Double Release, Retractable Harness Belts come with bolt-in mounting, which means the ends of the straps bolt into your mounting location. Two inch harness pads are also recommended to prevent the shoulder straps from rubbing your neck.

*This belt was intended for off highway use. In many cases our belts meet and exceed the FMVSS standards but they are not technically FMVSS approved. You purchase and use them at your own risk.

2-Inch Webbing: Military grade nylon webbing.

Release Buckle: Push button release buckle for easy disengagement.

Bolt-In: End of the straps are equipped with a bolt which will bolt to your mounting points.

Inertia Reel: Allows the harness belt to retract like a stock belt. Sudden movement or jolt will cause the belt to lock.

On-Off Switch: Allows you to control when you want the belt to retract and when you want it to function as a full time harness belt.

Waist Pad: All 2-Inch belts are equipped with a pressure reducing waist pad to provide extra comfort and support.