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Hella Battery Cutoff Killswitch

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Interruption of the electrical circuit between battery and starter. An effective safeguard against theft and the danger of fire while the vehicle is parked

Also suitable for boats as protection against theft, fire and damage caused by short circuits. Complies with inland waterways insurance requirements in Great Britain.


Manufacturer HELLA
Number 6EK 002 843-011
Description Main Switch, battery
Original numbers 0005454908, 0005459708, 1263488, 1359968, 4192725, 8356483, A0005459708, A0005454908, KDWHLO9085, KDWHLO9085
Number of ports 2
Port Thread M10
DIN / ISO 400 050 IPX4
Rated Current [A] 50
Manufacturer Restriction 2 Muttern je Bolzen
Manufacturer Restriction max 1000A/10 S/12V
max 500A/10 S/24V
Thread Pitch [mm] 1,5
Sea Water Proof


87181, 87181b