Zimmermann Brake Rotor Front 347mm - Audi A6 V6/V8 – Euro Sport Accessories

Zimmermann Brake Rotor Front 347mm - Audi A6 V6/V8

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Brake Disc/Brake Rotor; Front; Vented 347x30mm For models with heavy-duty/oversize 347mm diameter rotors, please verify rotor size prior to ordering. Sold separately.
Zimmermann is offering their rotors coated with "Coat Z – anti corrosion". 

Your advantages:
  • No formation of rust at the hub and herewith improved visual appearance
  • Immediate functional capability without removal of the coating before mounting
  • Constantly widened production range
  • German production meeting the requirements of actual Quality Management Systems
  • Well-known, highest Zimmermann-Product-Quality

The coated brake disc (left hand side in the picture) is still free of rust after several months of usage. The right hand side shows the same disc in unused condition.



Audi A6 C6 3.0T V6
Audi A6 C6 4.2L V8

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