VF-Engineering sway bar end link / drop link - Audi A3/VW MK4 2.0/1.8T – Euro Sport Accessories
VF-Engineering sway bar end link / drop link - Audi A3/VW MK4 2.0/1.8T/VR6 12v/24v

VF-Engineering sway bar end link / drop link - Audi A3/VW MK4 2.0/1.8T/VR6 12v/24v

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All VW type 4 chassis' are fitted with a pair of drop link arms connecting each end the front roll (sway) bar to the lower wishbone. The drop links give support to the front roll (sway) bar and help stability under cornering. However using a stiffer roll (sway) bar exerts a greater force on the end links. Stiffer suspension and bigger wheels also increase the load transmitted through the links. Hard driving and track use coupled with uprated suspension will quickly deteriorate the original links and rubber inserts. Volkswagen revised the designed of the links twice over the last 3 years and have changed several aspect's such as the thickness of the arm, the material of the arm (from metal to composite plastic) and the profile of the loop in which the rubber bush is housed.

To counteract all the additional loads placed on these links by other performance upgrades, hard driving and outdated designs, VF-Engineering chose to design and manufacture replacement links to retrofit to all years. The VF-Engineering link is a complete replacement, made from billet (solid) aluminum fitted with moulded, high durometer polyurethane inserts. The body is constructed from billet aluminum and supplied with new OE Volkswagen hardware. The VF-Engineering drop link is a direct replacement and fitting should take no more than 30 minutes and fits all VAG Type 4 Chassis: Golf/Jetta 4, Beetle, Bora, Audi A3, Audi TT.

The key importance in upgrading to our part is that you will benefit from a much stronger design capable of withstanding hard driving and complimenting an upgraded roll (sway) bar. You will be taking advantage of updating to the current design incorporating the latest changes made by VW to the the inner profile of the bush housing. VF-Engineering has used custom high durometer polyurethane bushes for a stiffer cornering feel. The link arm itself is many times stronger than the OE plastic part.



VW Golf MK4 2.0 / 1.8T / VR6 12v/24v
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VW Bora 2.0 / 1.8 Beetle 2.0 / 1.8T
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