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StopTech Big Brake Kit - VW Mk5 / Mk6 - 355x32 2pc Rotor

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by: StopTech

  • $2,495.00

Fits: StopTech Big Brake Kit - 355x32 Rotor Audi A3 Quattro 3.2L (A5 Chassis) 2006 - 2011, Eos 2007 - 2009, Golf GTI 2.0T (Mk5) 2006 - 2009, Golf GTI 2.0T (Mk6) 2010 -2014, Jetta 2.0T (Mk5) 2006 - 2011.
StopTech's Balanced Brake Upgrade system is Engineered to directly replace the stock system, providing the correct brake torque output using the vehicle's original master cylinder and no additional proportioning adjustment. Each StopTech big brake kit includes forged 2-piece aluminum calipers with our patented bolt-in bridges, AeroRotor two-piece brake discs with aluminum hats, StopTech street performance brake pads, caliper adapter brackets, DOT-compliant stainless steel brake lines, and all hardware required for a complete installation. Before ordering a StopTech big brake kit, make sure you print out our wheel fitment template to determine if the StopTech calipers will fit behind your existing wheels without interference.

For track use black is best, red is acceptable. Other caliper colors may experience significant color change due to the extreme temperatures.
Note: Photos may vary from actual product. Please allow 3-5 weeks for delivery on big brake kits.