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Lamin-x VW Golf R32 V (2008) Paint Protection

Lamin-x VW Golf R32 V (2008) Paint Protection

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by: Lamin-X

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    Protects your VW Golf R32 V (2008) paint finish from stones, scrapes, bugs, and other paint damaging items with an invisible protective layer. Quite possibly the best investment you will make toward protecting your vehicle. ***Please specify exact year and model in comments box upon ordering. Does the vehicle have PDC (Park Distance Sensors) or Headlamp Washers? ***

    • Our clear bra kits are precut from 3M's industry leading VentureShield Paint Protection Film with a 5 year guarantee.
    • All pieces precut to fit for each protected area and includes all tools and instructions for you or the installer.
    • Custom Making your Order
    Nearly every precut order is custom manufactured specifically for you at time of ordering. So your clear bra order may take 3-5 workday's manufacturing time. Please allow at least 2-10 days for delivery of product after the product has been shipped. The customer is responsible to make prior arrangements with the carrier if not available to receive and sign for the product.
    • Customer Installation Disclaimer

    Lamin-x Protective Films makes every effort to assure that all designed clear bra film kits have been rechecked for fitment suitability on each specific make & model advertised. A "professional quality" installation does require some acquired knowledge & ability for which Lamin-x Protective Films cannot be held accountable. We will provide instructions & tools with your order, along with verbal help via telephone, or e-mail correspondence. The purchase & installation of Lamin-x Protective Film precut kits is done so at the buyer's risk.

    • Can I install the paint protection myself?

    Due to the size, complexity, and general PITA factor, the complete paint protection kits are best installed by professionals. But it can be done by those customers who are very mechanically inclined, patient, and have an extra pair of hands to help out. We include installation instructions and application tools with your order. We are also available to verbally assist the customer if any questions or complications arise. If you'd rather, we can attempt to locate certified paint protection installer within your general area.

    • What is the different between Lamin-x and the cheaper imitation or auction products I find?

    This is the perfect "You get what you pay for" situation. Those cheap films are a thin 2-3 mil sticker type of film. That has a dull "orange-peel" hazy finish, thin adhesive, no impact protection, & not forgiving to install. Lamin-x is the complete opposite of that cheap stuff. Glossy finish, 8 mils thick for impact protection, forgiving installation, & designed to mold around complex curves. Most people find that cheaper sticker overlay a waste of time and money. Don't be one of them!

    • What to do if you have fogginess, air or water bubbles, surface texture, or scratches after your Lamin-x installation?

    Once the film fully cures (normally a couple weeks of warm sunlight), most imperfections will completely disappear. Lamin-x is a breathable and self-healing polyvinyl film. Just be patient and keep it exposed to sunlight warmth.

    • How do I remove the film?

    Upon initial application, the film can be pulled back up and reapplied numerous times if not installed correctly. Just keep the film and surface wet. Once the film has settled (appx 48-72 hours), the product is not considered reusable. To remove, warm the film wit h either sunlight heat or a blow dryer. Once warmed, peel off slowly. If there is any additional adhesive leftover, clean it off with Bug and Tar remover, Goo Gone, or similar product.

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