H&R Sport Cup Kit Suspension - VW Jetta IV Wagon 2.0L – Euro Sport Accessories
H&R Sport Cup Kit Suspension - VW Jetta IV Wagon 2.0L

H&R Sport Cup Kit Suspension - VW Jetta IV Wagon 2.0L

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H&R Cup Kits.
The ultimate spring and shock system.

More than just a "matched" spring and shock package, H&R Cup Kits are the result of over 25 years experience in suspension design. They provide a complete vehicle-specific spring and shock system designed to deliver improved handling and superb ride comfort in one precision-engineered package.

Because H&R Cup Kits consist of specially made springs and shocks-€“designed and engineered together-€“they provide optimal suspension damping and better control. H&R Cup Kits make a cohesive suspension package that outperforms and is more comfortable than separate off-the-shelf performance suspension components.

Designed and produced in H&R's ISO certified manufacturing facility in Germany, H&R Cup Kits are 100% German-made. H&R Sport Cup Kit
Lowers 2.0" on average
Extreme lowering with a nice ride
Sport Cup Kits have all the features of the Touring Cup Kits, plus additional lowering-€”perfect for the enthusiast looking for a little more. With a lower ride height and lower center of gravity, the handling of your vehicle will be improved over stock. The progressive spring rate design retains superior ride comfort.

With more than 2.0 inches of lowering, the H&R Sport Cup Kit is the ideal solution for those who desire a suspension application engineered for the street with a super-low, performance stance.

VW Jetta IV Wagon