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Euro Sport lightweight flywheel & Exedy Stage 2 clutch package - VR6 12V

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Euro Sport Lightweight Flywheel & Exedy Stage 2 Clutch Package for 12v VR6 228mm 5-Speed

Holds approximately 377 ft/lbs torque at the flywheel

Comes with 7.5 lb Euro Sport lightweight aluminum flywheel #15520 & Exedy Stage 2 #EC7950

Our Euro Sport Aluminum flywheel is essential for any VW enthusiast who desires a faster revving engine. The Euro Sport aluminum flywheel, which weighs in at 7.5 lbs., is much lighter than the heavy OEM unit that tips the scales at 18 lbs. What this means to you is that by utilizing the Euro Sport aluminum flywheel, you'll have less rotating mass, which directly translates into more useable horsepower. And since our aluminum flywheel is lighter than OEM, it will help extend engine life, due to less stress on your engine's main bearings. Our flywheels are CNC machined from 6061 T6 aluminum and utilize a 1050 high carbon steel friction plate. We then finalize the flywheel with a CSS (constant surface speed) process that results in a finish that is second to none. Complete your flywheel install with a Exedy or Sachs Super Set Clutch kit offered together at a discounted price.

Exedy Stage 2 Clutch Kit

Cerametallic Friction Disc

  • EXEDY Exclusive Friction Composition
  • High friction coefficient material handles much more heat than stock-type without slip or fade
  • Designed to handle workload of higher horsepower
  • Heavy Duty oil-quench hardened damper absorbs shock
  • Hi-load bonding agents retain clutch material
  • Reduced weight = lower inertia = quicker shifting, less wear and tear on synchros

Thick Disc

  • Better heat capacity than Ultra Fiber Organic
  • Lighter disc assemblies mean less inertia for quicker shifting
  • 3- or 4-pad Designs depending on application
  • Works well for Street, Rally and Drag

High Performance Cover

  • Average of 40% increase in clamp load
  • Extra capacity holds common street car upgrades
  • Ductile iron pressure plate provides high strength, anti-burst protection in all temperature ranges
  • Stamped steel cover designed to reduce deflection

EXEDY cerametallic clutches are designed to handle the abuse of high powered modified engines. Our cerametallic friction material can handle much more slippage than stock type disc assemblies without slipping and fading. All cerametallic discs feature spring center dampers to reduce impact and shock loads.

Normal Thickness (Thick) discs have greater heat capacity and therefore better durability in demanding applications such as all wheel drive.

Exedy Globalparts Corporation (USA) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Exedy Corporation of Japan. Exedy (Japan) was founded in 1923 and its clutch manufacturing business and prominent brand name Daikin Clutch are known throughout the world for supplying quality powertrain products. The pursuit of perfection and the assurance of safety underlie Exedy's famed quality and reliability. Advanced engineering and patented innovations have made Exedy the leading OEM manufacturer in the world for Clutches and other powertrain components. The EXEDY Group supplies Manual Clutches, Flywheels, Torque Converters, AT Plates or other advanced Powertrain Components to all 11 vehicle manufacturers in Japan as well as many other vehicle manufacturers, construction / machinery industries in the world including GM and Ford.


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